McCann, born November 7, 1905.  ii. Frazier Winfield McCann, born April 29, 1908.  iii.   Gladys Helena McCann, born June 1, 1910.  iv.  Helena Woolworth McCann, born April 23, 1913.

1.      Edna Woolworth, born in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, September 12, 1883.  Married, April 24, 1909, Franklyn Laws Hutton.  Issue:  i.  Barbara Hutton, born November 14, 1912.

2.      Jessie May Woolworth, born March 14, 1886, in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.  Married, February 1, 1912, in New York city, James Paul Donohue, son of Patrick Donohue, of New York.  Issue:  i. J. Woolworth Donohue, born January 9, 1913.


     CHARLES SUMNER WOOLWORTH, second son and child of John Hubbell Woolworth and Fanny (McBrier) Woolworth, was born August 1, 1856.  His boyhood was spent in Rodman, Great Bend, and Carthage, New York.  He worked on the farm of his father in his youthful days and was afterwards engaged as a salesman in the store of Moore and Smith, Watertown, New York.  When his elder brother opened a store in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, he joined him and afterwards went to Harrisburg as manager of the Woolworth store in that city.  There he remained eight months and then for three months was manager of the Woolworth store in York, Pennsylvania, and subsequently, for a short time, in the Lancaster store.  Then he went to Scranton, Pennsylvania, upon the opening of a store in that city, becoming the manager and later part owner.  About 1881 he purchased the entire business there and entered in business upon his own account.  He established branch stores, until he was the owner of fifteen establishments in the cities of Scranton, West Scranton, Pittston, Bradford, Carbondale, and Sunbury, Pennsylvania; Auburn, Elmira, Binghamton, Gloversville, and Glens Falls, New York; Portland, Bangor, and Augusta, Maine; and Haverhill, Massachusetts.  He has other extensive enterprises, being a director of the United States Lumber Company, capitalized at six million dollars and owning timber lands and mills in Mississippi, with offices in Scranton; a director of the Mississippi Central Railway, which runs from Halliesburg to Natchez, Mississippi, with one hundred and sixty miles of track; a director of the Scranton Trust Company and vice-president of the People’s National Bank of Scranton.  He is a staunch Republican in politics.

     Married, June 2, 1886, Anna E. Ryals, of Utica, New York.  She died July 15, 1913.  Issue:


1.      Ethel Woolworth, born May 10, 1887.  Married, May 26, 1910, Samuel H. Huber, of Scranton.  Issue: i. Evelyn Louise Huber.

2.      Fred E. Woolworth, born May 13, 1890.  Prepared for college at the Hotchkiss School, Lakeville, Connecticut.  In June, 1913, was graduated from Yale University.

3.      Richard W. Woolworth, born May 19, 1898.  In 1914, at Hotchkiss Preparatory School, Lakeville, Connecticut.