ED-IN-CHIEF-------------------James Doyle
SPORTS ED---------------------Lyle Ewald
INQUIRING REP--------------Helen Wyman
NEWS EDITOR----------------Erwin Eichorst
LITERARY ED----------------C. Munsch
MUSIC ED----------------------Betty Dittmer
REPORTERS-------------------Tom Hinz, Audrey Korman, Donald Thompson, Grade Roseneau, Mary Alice Demmer.


We, the editorial staff of the Green Pastures 
News, dedicate this first issue
to the faculty and students of the Wal-
dorf High School.

The purpose of this paper is to stim-
ulate good English throughout the school
and create a desire for newspaper writ-
ing on the part of the students.

The paper was suggested by Miss Tierney as a 
sideline in our Business Relations course.


More room for my elbows.
                              B. Zimmerman

Someone worthy of my love.
                              P. Killday

Room for my shoes.
                              E. Fennert

Subjects for reports.
                               Conser. Class

A position at the R. R. Station.
                                   C. Woolworth

To know - Will Spearmint keep its flavor
over night on the bed post?
                                        A. Hasher

Another chance to beat Rapidan.
                                       A. Senior

Bicycle built for two.
                                     J. Hickey

A typewriter, because my handwriting is
not so good.

To be blonde.
                                H. Krueger

More spinach.
                               W. Machey

An algebra answer book.
                              Wes. Roesler

More time to play the ringer game.
                               J. Malden



Armin Waknitz-"What?"
Helen Wyman-"What do you want to know for?"
Betty-"Tesh, tesh!"
Blanche-"That's ducky."
D. Hodgkins-"Aw nuts."
Evelyn-"Well, you kids!"
Irene Holmes-"Well, honestly!"
David-"Now, now-"
M. Doyle-"Well, my gosh!"
Maurice-"Let's go to Waseca"
Chellis-"Skip it!"
Leon-"When my cow girl---"
Florence-"I'll tell my brother John on you."
Ralph-"That's about enough out of you here 
goes your name down."
Billy-"I am going to eat and get big like my dad!"
"Ralph do you want to join my Busin-
ess Relations Class?"

   According to Elmer Fennert, the best high school slogan would be "That would be telling."

   Chellis went fishing in a pail in 
Economic Geography Class.

   There is a serious debate going on 
in the Art class;--Do mice scare teach- 
ers, or do teachers scare mice?

   I suggest that the muffler be taken off 
the horn of the Roesler brothers' car, 
so it can be distinguished from a sneeze.


MR. DITTMER-"Now, I don't want to hear another word out of you!"

MR. SYRDAL-"Now, you are trying to get me off the track."

MISS LANGEMO-"All right, just so far."

MR. PASWALK-"How's the ice pond?"

MRS. FENSKE-"You little mice!"

Miss Tierney-"Tomorrow?"

Miss DINNEEN-"Let's play basket-ball?"

MISS ISBENER-"Isn't that sweet?"

MR. SYRDAL-"That's true enough."

Miss Tierney-"Now, Neil, be quiet. I mean 
Leon. Pardon me."

MR. PASWALK-"M - m - m -"

MR. PASWALK-"Caught you again. You two are always gossiping.

MR. SYRDAL-Enjoys imitating Oswald.