AND THEN ---------


4 bu. knowledge
2 pk. commonsense
2 gal. of good judgement
2 pt. of wit
1 pt. of humor
4 doz. jokes

Mix and sift the knowledge and comm- ensense, dissolving it in good judgement. Add well-beaten jokes, and flavor the mixture with wit and humor. Pour into Waldorf High School which has been dust- ed with school spirit. Turn on about 5 teachers and bake for four years. Pour out into the State of Minnesota with about 5 gallons of good management.


Some people go to Hollywood,
Some people go to France,
But the senior boys stay in Waldorf
To give their whiskers a chance.

We don't know who they were mocking
Or who they were trying to scare;
It might have been Gable or Browning,
But we hope the whiskers they'll spare.


Itemized expense account, published by the 1937 staff of "Green Pastures" (Freshman Newspaper), to quell and con- demn the various nefarious allegations and and prevarications promulgated by our censorious and parsiminous accuserf;

Wear and Tear on the office

Salve for Consciences(Excuses, etc.) .01

Soothing syrup for those stung by
this paper------------------------- 7. 75

Light (on many subjects)----------- 64.24

Doctor's fee for over-worked
staff-------------------------------70. 00

Loss on paper (time)----------------80. 02

Fees for censorship of this paper-999.9



Waldorf plays at St. James,
It's the tournament of the year!
Waldorf plays at St. James
And she is fighting for her title dear.

A lot of merry people
Will watch the mighty fight,
A lot of noisy cheerers,
And I know that I am right,
Will see the galloping Waldorfers
Chase the others out of sight!

And when the game is over,
And the players can only stall,
We'll see the happy Waldorfs
Winning over all!
Helen and Audrey


There will be no slavery north of
36 Farenheit.

What happened to John Mackey's left temple? I wonder what the other fellow looked like?

MISS LANGEMO ( after being disturbed for sometime by a noise in the hall).
"This everlasting disturbance makes me
so tired. When will students learn what
it means to be considerate of others?"

Several minutes elapsed, and still
The talking in the corridor continued.
at length Miss Langemo arose in a wrath
and with a firm foot and determined face
started for the door. She opened it with
with vigor, and there just outside the
door was the Schoold Inspector Mr. Jones.

MISS LANGEMO-"Ahem! Mr. Jones, I was afraid I might not see you again so I
stepped out to say 'Goodbye! "

THE CLASS-"Ha! Ha!" ( without end).


O, Johnny, he is Irish,
And Johnny, he has wit,
And if there's ought,
Worth knowing,
Why he's aware of it!

EUGENE HOLMES—“It happened in 75 A.C>